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9,000 BTU/HR Midwall Split Inverter

  • 9,000 BTU/HR
  • CS-25V3A-1C156AW / CS-25V3A-Y4W
  • R410a
  • Ghost Display

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Type of Unit Midwall Split Inverter
Model Number CS-25V3A-1C156AW/CS-25V3A-Y4W
Related volt and frequency Ph-V-Hz 1-220~240/50
Cooling Cooling capacity W 2500
Cooling power input W 780
Cooling current input A 2.5
SEER w/w 6.1/A++
Moisture Removal L/h 0.95
Heating Heating capacity W 2600
Heating power input W 720
Heating current input A 3.5 (1.6~5.4)
SCOP w/w 4.0/A+
Compressor Model 5RS092ZJB21
Type Rotary
Brand Panasonic
Indoor Unit Indoor air circulation m³/h 500
Indoor noise sound pressure level dB(A) 30~38
Sound power noise dB(A) 40~48
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1050 x 325 x 190
Packing (L x W x H) mm 1155 x 422 x 286
Net/Gross weight Kg 13/15
Outdoor Unit Dimension (L x W x D) mm 715 x 235 x 540
Packing (L x W x H) mm 851 x 335 x 600
Net/Gross weight Kg 28/33
Noise sound pressure level dB(A) 53
Sound power noise dB(A) 63
Refrigerant Liquid side/Gas side/Length mm 6.35/9.52/3000 (1/4″+3/8″)
Defrost mode Automatic defrosting
Type Weight R410a/900


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